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Tutoring for Students: Get a Tutor

Information about Atlantic Cape's free tutoring services.

Help with Any Class!

Get personal, individual tutoring assistance from Atlantic Cape tutors

Tutoring is free to all Atlantic Cape students!


Whether you are stuck on homework problems, preparing for a quiz or working on a project, Atlantic Cape tutors are available to assist you with almost any coursework.

You can work with tutors on campus or remotely- see below for details.

Email or call for more information!


Check out our many tutoring options.


If you have questions about any of our tutoring services please call the library desk at 609-343-4951 or email

Want to Be a Tutor?

If you are interested in possibly becoming an Atlantic Cape academic tutor, send us email:

On Campus Tutoring

Work with a tutor on campus

Tutoring for FALL courses is now open!

For in-person tutoring, check the schedule posted here, or call the library at 609-343-4951 to ask about tutor availability before you come in. 

You are welcome to come in any time during a tutor’s scheduled hours; no appointment needed!

Check out the Schedule!

Online Tutoring

Work with an Atlantic Cape tutor during drop-in Zoom meeting sessions. 

All current students are welcome, and no appointment or registration is required.  Sign in to your student Blackboard account, and select the "Tutoring Services" link in your "Courses" list.  Look under "Live Remote Tutoring" and locate the session you wish to join.  You may join at any time during the scheduled hours.






Atlantic Cape tutors are also available for individual consultations, remotely, by appointment.


Email to get started.

Please tell us:

Your class, your instructor's name, and what kind of help you need, or what is giving you trouble.

We will connect you with one of our tutors by email.  You have the option to continue communicating by email, or meet through Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate

Some courses have a designated tutor available directly in your course in Blackboard.  Ask your instructor if this option is available for your class. 



BRAINFUSE is Atlantic Cape's NEW supplemental tutoring & homework help service.

Access to Brainfuse is directly through your Blackboard account.  Sign in to Blackboard and on your "Courses" page, go to "Tutoring/tutoring services" and find the link to Brainfuse.

Brainfuse tutors are available to everyone for live 1:1 tutoring during scheduled hours on a drop-in, first come, first served basis.  Appointment scheduling and an asynchronous question drop-off option is also available.  Most subjects have live help available 24/7.  Nursing and health sciences have more limited hours.  It's best to check your specific topic ahead of time for tutor availability.

There is no charge for Atlantic Cape students to use Brainfuse!

Paper Review

Have your writing assignments reviewed by an Atlantic Cape writing tutor.


Email your writing assignment as an attached file to <>.  Include a detailed description of the assignment, requirements, due date and anything else you would like the tutor to know.  A copy of the original assignment or instructions is extremely helpful.  We also need to know your course, your instructor's name, and your full name and student ID number.    

A tutor will review your paper, provide comments and constructive feedback and make suggestions for improvements.  You will receive an email response from the tutor within about 24 hours.  You are encouraged to make revisions and rewrite, then send the revised paper back for a second review.  

Our writing tutors are available to review student papers 7 days/week.