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Help with Any Class!

ALL tutoring services are online.   

Tutoring is free to all Atlantic Cape students!

Check out our three tutoring options.


Get assistance through NetTutor

NetTutor is an external professional tutoring service provider, accessible through Blackboard. 

  • On your “My Blackboard” page, select “Tutoring Services” in the “My Courses” area. 
  • Select “Online tutoring.”
  • Select “NetTutor” for a list of supported subjects. 
  • Live tutors are available during scheduled hours (varies by subject). 
  • You can submit questions at any time. Responses will be in your “Tutoring Locker” for that subject.

Atlantic Cape Tutors

Request personal, individual tutoring assistance from an Atlantic Cape tutor

Our own tutors with whom you've worked before. They've just moved online.

  • Email to get started. Please tell us:
    • What class you are taking;
    • Who is your instructor;
    • What kind of help you need, or what is giving you trouble.
  • You will be connected with a tutor by email, and have the options to meet through Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom. 
  • Some courses have a designated tutor available directly in your course in Blackboard.  Ask your instructor if this option is available for your class. 


If you have questions about Atlantic Cape’s tutoring services, send us an email:

Paper Review

Get your writing assignments reviewed by an Atlantic Cape writing tutor.

  • Go to your “My Blackboard” page and under “My Courses” select “Tutoring Services.”
  • Select “Online tutoring” and then “Pisces.”
  • Follow the instructions to upload your work through “Pisces.”
  • A writing tutor will review your work and return it with comments and suggestions in about 24 hours.
  • Go back to Pisces and you will find it in your “Tutoring Locker.”

Want to Be a Tutor?

If you are interested in possibly becoming an Atlantic Cape academic tutor, send us email: